IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/27/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling, October 20, 2020

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

IMPACT starts off with a walking brawl between Eric Young and new IMPACT World Champion, Rich Swann as Matthews states he’s on a revenge tour. The two fight their way to the ring as EY is in his gear and Swann is in street clothes. EY keeps saying Swann brought this on himself. Swann soon feeds a ring post to EY.

Swann gets taken down and loses his shirt, but he does connect with kick in the ring. Swann climbs the turnbuckle but EY crotches him and begins stomping a mudhole. Out comes officials and Scott D’Amore to break it up.

Eric yells at D’Amore for a rematch and Swann wants to give it to him. D’Amore asks if he’s sure and Scott gives Swann a fist bump. Bell rings and we’re underway.


IMPACT World Championship

Eric Young vs. Rich Swann (c)

The fight begins and EY goes for a top rope splash that Swann avoids. Swann is fighting barefoot and hits EY with several savate kicks before turning it into a flipping neckbreaker. Two count.

Standing side kick to EY followed by a rolling thunder splash for two. Head scissors takedown. Swann goes for a frankensteiner but EY turns it into a powerbomb.

Swann continues with timely kicks but is favoring his leg. He ducks a clothesline and handsprings into a cutter. Phoenix splash and the W for the champ. Matthews does note earlier that this is EY’s only shot at the title once more.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Rich Swann

Havok exits a room that flashes as Nevaeh waits outside. She asks if everything’s okay as Havok looks exasperated. She says the wedding’s on and “he’s back.” Nevaeh has a bad feeling about this.

After a break, we cut to the Knockouts waiting outside of D’Amore’s office wanting to know more about the Knockout Tag Titles. Kaleb with a K says the internet announced that it’s going to be an 8-team tag tourney in three weeks. The Knockouts begin pairing off as it looks like Alisha is left by herself. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz begin to rub that fact in until Jordynne Grace steps back in the picture. She says she has friends and they’re gonna tag against Steelz & Hogan tonight.


Hardcore Halloween Match

Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer is once more decked out in Animal gear, paying homage to the late legend. Bell rings and Dreamer tosses Myers out of the ring. Suplex on the entryway. He chokes Myers with a baseball jersey (if it’s a Mets’ one it should be effective at choking heyyy ohhh!) Dreamer tries taking out Myer’s eye on his Road Warrior spike before breaking a walker over his back. Tommy Dreamer lifts a very heavy trash can in the ring and rings Brian’s bell with a ring bell. Dreamer gets crotched on a barricade before Myers hits Dreamer with a garbage can. Two count. He throws Tommy back into the ring and tries shoving in the other trash can in the ring but Dreamer dropkicks it in his face. Dreamer jumps off the apron but Myers catches him with a sign and we go to break.

Back from break, Dreamer takes a wedged kendo stick to the throat as Brian catapult flips him in the corner. Back suplex only gets one count.

Myers seems to have a bag of apples he’s chomping on as he spits them into Dreamer’s face. He gives Tommy a chair shot to the gut. Dreamer fights back after Brian sets up a chair. Brian slides out and trips Tommy up to get his face smashed off the chair. He begins to choke Tommy with the end of the chair before giving him a shot to the back. Headlock keeps Dreamer grounded, but he does fight to his feet and jabs away at Myers. He goes for the flip flop and fly but a kick to the gut stops it. He lariats Myers down and hits a running cutter for two.

Dreamer grabs a street sign and pops Myers on the back of it. He has a black bag and dumps out thumbtacks and candy corn. Nice touch. Dreamer climbs the ropes and Myers fires back. Forearms and he looks to superplex Tommy onto the tricks. Dreamer bites Brian before saying “bye-bye” and pushing him into the candy corn tacks. A cover, 1-2-kick out.

Dreamer pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. Tommy sets it up in the corner as Brian’s back is a bit bloody. Myer’s clotheslines him into the corn tacks. Brian says Tommy’s career is done and has a kendo stick. Suddenly, out of the trash can comes Swoggle. He’s got a pair of tongs and grabs Brian by the crotch. Dreamer hoists Brian up for a DVD, says “What A Rush” and slams him through the table. Cover. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Tommy Dreamer