Barefoot Rich Swann Wins Impromptu Title Rematch Against Eric Young

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

After taking down Eric Young to become the IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion at Bound for Glory, tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling opened with Rich Swann suffering a brutal assault at the hands of Young before the two faced off in the ring.

The show opened with Swann getting beat up by Young, but the new champion eventually gained the upper hand and evened the brawl. However, Young was able to keep things in his favor and needed to be pulled away by referees and security. However, Swann wasn’t ready to give up, and with Eric Young demanding his championship rematch, Swann told IMPACT Wrestling to grant it, and a rematch was called for right then. During the match, Swann came alive, avoiding various big moves and surviving a big powerbomb late in the match to keep things alive.

Towards the end of the match, a barefoot Swann was able to counter Young’s attempt at throwing him into the corner, delivering a big kick to Young followed by a cutter that downed him long enough for Swann to dive onto him from the top rope. With Young down for good, Swann was able to retain his title despite the ambush earlier on.

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