Randy Orton Brawls With Drew McIntyre, Avoids Facing The Fiend

randy orton

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

This week on WWE RAW, Bray Wyatt hosted a tea party in a new episode of Firefly Fun House. Alexa Bliss brought some tea to the group, and she revealed that it was laced with arsenic. Ramblin’ Rabbit drank some and passed out. Wyatt said everyone is mad in the Fun House. Wyatt said The Fiend will protect you if you do just one thing. Bliss’s eyes changed to a different color. “Let him in,” she said. Wyatt stood next to a picture of his burning cabin when Bliss said Randy Orton will be her guest on A Moment of Bliss later in the show. Wyatt then bashed Ramblin’ Rabbit. Wyatt and Bliss laughed manically to conclude the episode.

Later, on A Moment of Bliss. Bliss first asked Orton about his victory at WWE Hell in a Cell. The new WWE Champion said he wasn’t surprised by his success. Bliss hinted at Orton’s history with Wyatt, and Orton said he knows Wyatt better than anybody. He asked Bliss to tell him where The Fiend is. But Drew McIntyre charged to the ring and brawled with Orton. McIntyre set Orton up for a Claymore, but the lights went out. When they turned back on, Orton was standing on the ramp, and McIntyre was left alone in the ring. The Fiend was standing behind Orton, and the champion walked toward McIntyre. The two rivals resumed their brawl to end the show.

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