EC3 Releases A ‘New Narrative’: ‘This Industry Needs A Rapture’ (Exclusive)


Photo: EC3

This past weekend at IMPACT Bound For Glory, EC3 seemingly sacrificed himself to Moose to begin to control his own narrative and now it looks like he is ready to start a new one industry wide.

EC3 sent the following message along to WrestleZone along with his latest video that was just released on all social media platforms. The video appears to take place right after his bloody brawl with Moose as EC3 is still dripping crimson as several of his men send him to the brick wall we’ve become familiar with. He speaks of how the wrestling business needs to change and indicates that a “rapture” is in order:

“To destroy the past, it required a sacrifice.


Every remnant of Ethan Carter the Third (ec3™️) has been erased.

In turn, I freed another so he can finally become the man he is supposed to be.

I will free more.

This industry has lost it’s way. This industry has lost it’s glory.

This Industry needs a rapture.

The following link contains propaganda for a #NewNarrative.

It is also video on my respective social media channels @therealec3
I|I the essential character I|I”
EC3 has certainly been controlling his narrative as we’ve seen him not only in IMPACT but make his presence known among Ring Of Honor as well as he’s particularly been butting heads with fellow Clevelander, Shane Taylor.

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