ROH Wrestling Results (10/26/20): Jay Lethal vs. Tracy Williams

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired October 26, 2020 

Report by Colin Tessier for

The show starts with a recap of last week, when Tracy Williams defeated Fred Yehi to advanced to the next round of the Ring of Honor Pure Championship Tournament. In a promo, Williams says he’s breathing down Jay Lethal’s neck, and he’ll teach Lethal his name.

Plus, Josh Woods defeated PJ Black to advance. After the win, Woods and Silas Young reflect on the victory. Young hypes up Woods’ amateur background. Woods asks Young for a hug, but he walks away.

ROH Pure Tournament Block B Finals: Josh Woods (with Silas Young) vs. Jonathan Gresham

Woods and Gresham feel each other out with technical holds. Woods overpowers Gresham early on, and The Octopus collects his thoughts. A deadlift suplex plants Gresham on the mat, and Woods continues to control the match. Both men crash to the floor on a suplex over the ropes.

Woods takes Gresham down with a suplex/arm drag off the top rope. Several more gutwrench throws give Woods more momentum. Gresham locks in the Octopus hold, and Gresham tries to knock Woods unconscious, but Woods slams Gresham to escape.

Gresham takes out Woods’ knee, and both men roll around the ring in pin attempts. Gresham steals the win with a sunset flip.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

Vincent attacks Matt Taven on his way to the ring. “This is not over,” he screams. He slams Taven face-first onto the floor and continues to assault him.

Vincent gets a table and Taven’s purple ladder. He hits Taven with the ladder. Vincent climbs up the ladder, jumps off it and hints a Swanton Bomb through the table.

Another EC3 video plays. This one recaps his ROH debut and his conflict with Shane Taylor. He tells Taylor to grow up, but Taylor says he’s had to grow up faster than anyone. EC3 says Taylor isn’t a legend yet, unlike the Briscoes. Taylor vows to adjust EC3’s attitude.

ROH Pure Tournament Block A Finals: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal and Williams feel each other out with technical holds. Williams grounds Lethal and targets his arm. The match is a stalemate early on. Hot Sauce shifts his focus to Lethal’s leg. Lethal locks in a modified surfboard stretch, and the former ROH World Champion briefly takes control. Lethal gets a two count with an Okada roll.

Williams gains the upper hand and drops Lethal with some stiff strikes. Lethal sends Williams to the outside with a springboard dropkick. Williams takes Lethal down with a shotgun dropkick. Williams hurts his shoulder, but he dares Lethal to bring the fight.

Lethal viciously targets Williams’ injured shoulder. Hot Sauce rallies with some stiff strikes and plants Lethal with a DDT on the turnbuckle. A discus clothesline and a piledriver earn Williams a two count, as Lethal uses his last rope break. A cutter drops Williams, and a Lethal Injection earns Williams a two count, as Williams uses his final rope break. The competitors trade stiff strikes, but Lethal slams Williams shoulder-first to the mat. He hits Hail to the King, but Williams counters a Lethal Injection into a sleeper hold. He transitions the sleeper into a crossface, and Lethal taps out.

Winner: Tracy Williams

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