Randy Orton Defeats Drew McIntyre In Brutal Cell Match, Wins 14th World Title At WWE Hell in a Cell

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre in the latest chapter of their heated rivalry. This time, both men faced off in a Hell in a Cell match. Orton posed as a member of the camera crew and attacked McIntyre during his entrance. The two stars brawled at ringside. Eventually, they made their way to the ring, so the match started. McIntyre dodged an RKO early on. He drove Orton into the cell wall several times.

McIntyre got a chair and hit Orton with it. He drove Orton into the cell wall again, and he hit him with the steel steps. Orton evaded a Claymore by hitting Orton with a chair. The Viper drove McIntyre head-first into the cell wall. Orton dropped McIntyre with a backbreaker, but Orton kicked out at one. The rivals exchanged thunderous blows, and McIntyre suplexed Orton across the ring.

The champion then suplexed Orton through a table at ringside.

Orton used some bolt cutters to open the cell door, and the fight returned to ringside. Orton climbed up the cell wall, and McIntyre followed him.

Orton hit McIntyre with the leg with the bolt cutters. The Viper climbed down the cell wall, and McIntyre followed him again. They battled on the wall on the cell, and McIntyre fell to the floor. He went crashing through a broadcast table.

When the match returned to the ring, McIntyre evaded an RKO and tried to roll Orton up for the win. The Viper kicked out, and McIntyre hit him with a Claymore. Orton rolled out of the ring. Once McIntyre got him back into the ring. the champion tried to end the match with another Claymore. But Orton dodged it and dropped McIntyre with an RKO for the win to earn his 14th word championship.

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