Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Survivor Series Elites 2020 Series In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at none other than the new Mattel WWE Survivor Series Elites 2020 series. This set features:

  • Samoa Joe
  • Drew McIntyre
  • John Morrison
  • Kane

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johnny impact

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

The Packaging

The Survivor Series figures feature similar packaging to the previous waves with a very dark color scheme with red and blue highlights to represent RAW and SmackDown. This one features the latest packaging style shape though compared to last year’s set. The Survivor Series and Elite logos decorate the front while the sides showcase the wrestler and their name as well as info about the moment they’re based on via the back. Not to mention the others in the set are also showcased there on the back as well.

Samoa Joe

Joe is a nice update to his most recent Elite from the 2-pack with Rey Mysterio. This one comes with a cloth SmackDown Live shirt as well as his towel. He features his Mohawk-style haircut with a super mean mug expression on his face. He’s sporting some arm tape on his left arm as well as his black/blue shorts with his knee pads and kick pads. He also comes with swappable hands, including the Samoan “hang loose” style hands.

Overall, Joe is a great figure. I feel he will be the sleeper of the set as he isn’t active currently, but it’s honestly one of his best figures to date and the cloth shirt really makes it that much more desirable if you look to build a Survivor Series team designated via shirts. Don’t pass on this figure as it may be one of his last Elites for a while and it’s a good one at that.

Drew McIntyre

Drew may seem like the same figure they’ve released a lot lately, and it’s pretty dang close, but it is a bit different. He comes with a RAW team cloth shirt as well as swappable hands as far as accessories go. Not to mention he comes with the swappable head with the hair in his face. Drew is sporting the typical attire his other figures come in, but this one thankfully has different logos on his trunks, making it in fact a different figure. Unfortunately Drew’s look doesn’t change much so it’s hard to differentiate his figures sometimes.

Overall, Drew is a decent figure. I wish he had some newer head sculpts as we’ve had this same figure multiple times a lot lately. As I mentioned at least his attire is different but at a quick glance it looks like all his others. If you missed out on his latest Elites or simply want a RAW shirt I recommend it. Hopefully his future figures will look a bit different so they stand apart from one another. If you already picked up his others I’d say pass on it unless you want an alternate attire.

John Morrison

John is a nice addition to the WWE line again as he hadn’t been a part of it in a very long time. I personally was very excited for this as I enjoy him as a wrestler. This one is a flashback from 2011 with his Johnny Nitro look. He comes with one SmackDown Tag Team Championship He has what I believe is a new head scan with sideburns and his bushy hair. He has his wristbands, large elbow pads and even his shades with the cross logos etched on the lenses. Not to mention swappable hands, too. He is also sporting his tan colored pants with the designs as well as the tassels around his boots.

Overall, this is a great flashback of John. If you never got his older figures this is a great addition to the collection. The detail on it is great and the fact he comes with a SmackDown tag title is even better. I wish his sunglasses had the logos colored on them but besides that I truly like it a lot. I really wish he came with his coat as well as you can’t have him without that.


Kane is probably the gem of this set as all of his old school figures seem to be very popular. This one is based on his look from Survivor Series 2001. While the figure does look excellent he is missing some details on his belt and I heard his mask isn’t accurate either. Besides these issues the figure still looks pretty nice overall. He features his all red attire with the tank top look. He has his glove and gauntlet to go with it. He also has his huge elbow pad, the flame designs on his legs and of course his signature shiny, tall, black boots. He comes with swappable hands and a Survivor Series chair with the old school scratch logo.

Overall, if you can look past the issues with this figure it’s still a pretty cool throwback of Kane. I always enjoy when Mattel makes older versions of him as it reminds me of being a kid. If you enjoy collecting Kane’s figures I recommend picking it up if you can even get your hands on him. Chances are he will always be the first one to sell at the store if you press your luck. Don’t sleep on this one if you can obtain one as it’s still a pretty cool figure of him overall.


Overall, this is a pretty decent Survivor Series set. I don’t really see any rotting on pegs other than Joe being he’s just not very relevant right now unfortunately. The figures overall are pretty solid. Definitely pick these up if you can. They supposedly are starting to hit Target shelves but it is getting closer to holiday time so don’t hesitate if you get a chance to get them as it will only get tougher to find as holiday shopping truly approaches.

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