Sasha Banks Makes Bayley Tap In Violent Cell Match, Wins SmackDown Women’s Title

sasha banks

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Bayley defended the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks in the culmination of a heated rivary that’s been years in the making. Banks attacked Bayley at the beginning of the match. The challenger locked in the Bank Statement, but Bayley attacked Banks with a kendo stick. Banks dropped Bayley with a knee to to the face and set up a table. She drove Bayley into the cell wall and hit her with a Meteora into the wall.

Bayley briefly took control, but Banks sent her into the cell wall with a hurricanrana. Banks got two kendo sticks and put them between the steel steps and the cell well to set up a bridge-like structure. Bayley tripped Banks and sent her head-first into the kendo sticks. Banks then sent Bayley into the cell wall with a sunset flip into the cell wall, but Bayley sent Banks into a chair face-first.

Bayley then sent Banks into a chair with a sunset flip powerbomb. A diving elbow drop earned Bayley a two count. Banks rallied with a Backstabber and she locked in the Bank Statement, but Bayley escaped. Bayley hit Banks with a kendo stick. She taped two kendo sticks together and made another bridge-like structure using the cell wall. Banks used a fire extinguisher to earn some breathing room by spraying it in Bayley’s face.

Banks repeatedly hit Bayley with a kendo stick. With tears in her eyes, Banks kept bringing the fight to Bayley.

Bayley used two chairs to make a bridge with a ladder. She sent Banks into the ladder head-first. She put Banks on the ladder and spray-painted her chest with an “X.” She tried to drive a chair into Banks’ chest, but Banks crawled out of the way. Banks hit a Bayley-to-Belly onto a ladder for a two count. Banks kicked out of a Bayley-to-Belly. Bayley attacked Banks with a chair, but Banks used a chair to lock in the Bank Statement and earned the win when she made Bayley tap out.

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