Roman Reigns Attacks Jimmy Uso, Forces Jey To Quit At WWE Hell In A Cell

roman reigns

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Roman Reigns defended the WWE Universal Championship against Jey Uso in a Hell in a Cell I Quit Match. The feud between the two cousins become a bitter rivalry, and this match had incredibly high stakes. With a cold, calculating demeanor, Reigns took control early on. Uso fired back with some kicks. He dove into Reigns and sent him crashing into the wall of the cell twice.

Uso drove Reigns into the cell again. But the Tribal Chief dropped Uso with a thunderous Spear. Uso kept fighting, but Reigns drilled him with a right hand. Another Spear floored Uso. Throughout the match, Reigns talked to Uso. “I don’t want to do this,” he said. “I don’t want to do this.”

Uso countered a Spear and dropped Reigns with a superkick. Two Uso splashes gave the challenger more momentum. Uso got a leather strap and whipped Reigns with it. Reigns powered through it and Speared Uso. The Tribal Chief took the strap and whipped Uso with it. “I do the whipping around here,” said Reigns.

Reigns tied Uso’s hand to the strap and whipped him again. Uso persevered and rocked Reigns with some forearms. Uso used the strap to choke Reigns. The champion seemingly passed out, and Uso let go. He still refused to quit, and he locked Uso in the Guillotine choke. Uso collapsed, and Reigns let go. Uso still wouldn’t quit. Reigns dragged Uso to the apron and hit the Drive-by kick. The Tribal Chief placed Uso’s head between the steps and the ring post and brutally kicked him.

Uso was unresponsive, so the referee tried to call for the bell, but Reigns attacked him. Another referee entered the match. A group of officials entered the ring and tried to stop the match. Reigns took the steel steps and tried to crush Uso with them, but Jey Uso ran to the ring and shielded his brother’s body. Jimmy pled with Reigns to stop.

Reigns started crying and collapsed into a sitting position. “I don’t even know who I am anymore,” he said. “I’m sorry.” Jimmy kept pleading with Reigns and asked him to stop. Reigns took his hand and choked him out.

Jey regained consciousness and said he quit to end the match. Reigns smiled as the Wild Samoans, his father and his uncle, greeted him on the stage.

The Wild Samoans gave him the chief’s beads, solidifying his place at the head of the table.

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