Mike Bennett: ‘Everything You Do Is To Impress Vince McMahon’

Mike Kanellis / Mike Bennett

Photo Credit: WWE

Mike Bennett was laid off this past spring when WWE had a round of mass layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bennett recently interviewed with ‘The Hannibal TV’ where he discussed multiple topics.

Bennett has spent his career with multiple promotions. He has wrestled for IMPACT, WWE, ROH, and NJPW. Bennett admits that he had the time of his life working for WWE but also said that he enjoyed the creative freedom you have in IMPACT more. Mike said, “At WWE, it’s like ‘This is the script, this is the story, this is what Vince wants’ and you can’t go anywhere off of that. If you try you’re in trouble and so that’s very difficult and I’ve said this before, at WWE you wrestle to impress Vince. It’s an audience of one. Everything you do is to impress Vince.”

Bennett continued by saying he thinks that IMPACT tries to impress fans. “At IMPACT, we’re trying to put on the best product for the fans. At WWE you’re just trying to keep your job and impress. Actually, I shouldn’t say impress, you’re trying to just not piss off the boss.”

Later in the interview, Bennett was asked to name his dream opponent. Bennett said, “Edge, when I was growing up and was like a die-hard wrestling fan, Edge was never a favorite of mine. Then when I became a wrestler and actually understood wrestling 101 and psychology and all the stuff that goes into being a wrestler, he 100% became my absolute favorite wrestler just by watching him move, his heel work.” Bennett also said that Edge and him became close during his run with WWE.

You can watch the entire interview below.

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