Moose Controls His Narrative, Ruins EC3’s IMPACT Return


Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

After antagonizing Moose for months and telling people to control his narrative, EC3 met with him in the ring during tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling Bound for Glory. In the match, Moose finally took control of himself after some urging from EC3 to become a beast worthy of a championship and walked away with a big win.

In a brutal back-and-forth match that saw EC3 take control early on, Moose was able to stay around long enough to flip the momentum. Late in the match, EC3 began taunting Moose, challenging the superstar to become who he was meant to be in order to deserve the TNA Championship he holds. Something in Moose seemingly snapped at that moment, as he began to brutally assault EC3, asking him if he wants him to become a monster. At the end of the match, EC3 seemingly gave himself up to Moose, telling him one last time to control his narrative and allowing Moose to hit him with the championship to end the match.

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