Jey Uso & His Family Will Be ‘Disowned’ By The Tribe If He Quits Against Roman Reigns

roman reigns

Photo Credit: WWE

Tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown ended with fans finally getting to know the stipulation for the highly anticipated match between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso at Hell in a Cell. After a chaotic scene in the ring, Reigns revealed that if he’s able to make Uso quit, then he, his brother and their entire family would be disowned as a result. 

During a segment to close out the night, Reigns came down to the ring to speak with Uso to discuss their upcoming match. Uso — who was appearing on the Jumbotron — taunted his cousin, saying that Reigns has changed and has lost connections to himself and his family. Uso then took his hat and bandana off to reveal that he was actually Jimmy Uso the whole time, and that Jey was behind him. Just then, Jey ambushed Reigns, attacking his cousin and attempting to land a hit with a steel chair before being kicked in the face by Reigns. Uso was able to get the upperhand once again though, landing a superkick to Reigns before sliding out of the ring in excitement. 

With both Usos now outside of the ring, Reigns took to the microphone, saying that he’ll be able to live with the fact that Uso made him quit, but that Uso wouldn’t be able to live with it if he has to quit. It was then that Reigns revealed the stipulation, saying that if he wins the match, their entire family will turn their backs on both Usos, their wives, and their children. The episode came to a close as the Hell in a Cell structure lowered down onto Reigns, and Uso marched down the ramp and climbed up the cell to stare down at his cousin.

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