‘Law & Otis’ Verdict Sees Miz & Otis Face Off At Hell In A Cell For MITB Contract

otis heavy machinery

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown saw a special segment, dubbed “Law and Otis,” take place, where Otis and The Miz took part in a trial to determine what would happen to Otis’ Money in the Bank contract. Towards the end of the segment, a match at Hell in a Cell was granted, with Otis and The Miz facing off against each other for the contract.

Throughout the trial, which was overseen by JBL, it was determined that Otis couldn’t be held responsible for what Miz was accusing him of — which is that he’s been irresponsible with the Money in the Bank contract so far — because he has one year from winning to cash it in. Just when JBL was set to rule in Otis’ favor, Miz interrupted things, presenting a briefcase to JBL which was implied to have bribe money in it for JBL. After seeing the briefcase, JBL said he had no other choice but to rule in favor of The Miz, and announced that Otis must face Miz at Hell in a Cell with the briefcase and its contract up for grabs.

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