Murphy Hurts Shoulder In Loss To Seth Rollins, Aalyah Mysterio Saves Him From Further Damage

seth rollins

Photo Credit: WWE

It was disciple vs. messiah on WWE Friday Night SmackDown as Murphy faced off against his former leader Seth Rollins.

While once loyal to Rollins, the two have become divided over Rollins’ feud with the Mysterio family and Murphy’s forbidden friendship with Aalyah Mysterio. The two put on a back-and-forth match, although the former “Monday Night Messiah” gained an advantage after Murphy injured his left shoulder. This injury made it so that Murphy couldn’t take full advantage of a beautiful running knee that he hit Rollins with.

The “Savior of SmackDown” would beat down his former student, although he refused to go down without a fight. Eventually, Rollins would hit a stomp for the three count. After the match, Rollins pulled out a kendo stick and Aalyah begged her father Rey and brother Dominik to come to Murphy’s aid. When they refused, she entered the ring and then her brother and father would eventually come down and chase Rollins off.

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