Mick Foley Recently Had ‘Top Secret Meeting’ With Vince McMahon

mick foley

Photo Credit: Getty Images

WWE legend Mick Foley recently sat down with talkSPORT for a wide-ranging interview, where Foley discussed a recent “top secret” meeting that he had with Vince McMahon, his iconic tag team partnership with The Rock, and much more. 

Check out some of the highlights below: 

Regarding Foley’s recent meeting with Vince McMahon:

I just saw Vince a couple of weeks ago for a top secret meeting – details to follow – but I don’t think many people have looked into the trust factor Vince had in me. Especially the fact that he placed that trust in someone that he outwardly had not been high on – just to crush JR’s spirits! He knew I took a lot of pride in trying to elevate people and he knew that I had developed an ability to do that.

The trust McMahon has developed in him:

There was even times down the years where Vince would say ‘I don’t agree with you Mick, but I’m going to trust your judgement on this one,’ and sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I failed, but I always had my opponents best intentions at heart.

On his tag team partnership with The Rock:

This was another case where we both benefitted so much so that joining forces a year after our brutal encounters made total sense. And this is another case where he was already on a clear trajectory towards the top, but again, I gave him an element that I don’t think he had before and that was a real vicious streak. That was the whole point of the Royal Rumble match, because he was so entertaining as a bad guy that he was hard to dislike, so that match was designed to give him a harder edge.

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