Big E: The New Day Had Two Days’ Notice For Their Split

the new day

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

The biggest story coming out of this year’s WWE Draft is the split of the New Day, a team that has been going strong in WWE since 2014. All three members of the group have said in past interviews that they hoped they could stay together indefinitely, and Xavier and Kofi look to be keeping the team’s spirit alive on RAW for the foreseeable future. However, Big E is on his own on SmackDown for a much-deserved singles push.

Speaking with FOX Sports, the former Mr. Langston discussed when The New Day found out about their split and how he feels about the group’s future on two different brands. The first big reveal is how little time WWE gave the group to digest their new status in the company.

We probably got two days in advance. Which, I think a lot of it was to ensure that we didn’t show up to work and if we heard the news then, I assume that people just imagine that we would be tearing up the halls, knocking down doors, crying in public, just fits of rage. So I feel like they decided, let’s give ’em a couple of days to simmer down at home before we had to actually do this on TV.

With Tucker stating in a separate interview that he and Otis only found out about their split as it happened on Talking Smack, E’s words ring true. When asked the feelings of the group after they heard the news, no one was pleased, and E feels that there was much they still had to do as a trio.

As much fun as we’ve had doing the goofy, slapstick New Day stuff, when Woods came out in that white and red suit in 2014, you never got to see militant New Day. You never got to see us really be aggressive heels. We were just goofy heels and it worked, but I feel like there’s so much we can offer as a trio. That’s kinda what I wanted to present to them. There’s so much we can do as a trio.

Despite the missed opportunities, there seems to be a future ahead for the New Day in some form, and Big E is happy that things didn’t go down the route of friends attacking one another.

I’m glad that it wasn’t one of us taking a steel chair to the other. I’m glad there was no permanent split. We got to do something that I think was emotional but was unique in that I can’t think of another time we got to see a faction that had as much staying power split up in the way that we did.

In a way, that’s loving. I love that we get an opportunity to portray brotherhood in a very genuine sense in a wrestling faction. You never see that! It’s always about someone trying to one-up the other, or this crabs in a bucket mentality, and I think we had, almost from the beginning, a very real chemistry and connection.

Big E concludes his thoughts by mentioning that the group’s podcast and other ventures are still very much alive, so the WWE Universe won’t have to stray far to get some New Day in their lives.

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