DDP Recalls His Favorite Halloween Havoc Moments On The Bump

diamond dallas page

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Diamond Dallas Page talked with the crew on WWE’s The Bump this week in preparation for NXT’s rendition of Halloween Havoc next week. The WCW legend recalled some of his favorite memories from the show from what I have chosen to dub his photo room. He ranked the October PPV on equal footing as Starrcade as far as importance on the yearly WCW calendar.

The two moments he goes over are his match with Randy Savage and his match with Eddie Guerrero. For Savage, he recalls how WWE ranked his feud with the Macho Man as one of the top five in history, which e sees as a great honor. He also sees it as an honor that it took both Hulk Hogan in Sting garb and Randy to take him out of the equation during that bout.

As for Eddie, he recalls a single spot during the match where Guererro injured his ribcage but persevered to a great match. DDP rightfully compares Latino Heat to Shawn Michaels in terms of in-ring skill and talent.

It’s great to see WWE talking with DDP considering his prominent appearances on AEW television as recently as a few months ago when he was training QT Marshall. Considering the persona non grata status some wrestlers got once they went to TNA and other promotions in the last decade, perhaps WWE and its head honcho has toned down that feeling just a bit.

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