Keith Lee Getting New Entrance Music, Top 10 NXT Moments

keith lee

Photo Credit: WWE

Keith Lee Getting New Entrance Music

It’s fair to say that Keith Lee got a downgrade in the presentation department once he premiered on RAW. Not only is the Limitless former NXT staple now covering up his barrel chest with shirts and other wrestling gear, but his theme song went from an iconic jam to generic rock straight out of WWE 2K.

Thankfully, while this injustice will stand due to WWE’s ongoing issues with former musical partners CFO$, Keith is seemingly trying to create something that can fill the void of Limitless. PWInsider is reporting that Keith Lee spent the day in New York City laying down new vocals for a renewed theme song that can accompany him throughout his run on the main roster.

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Top 10 NXT Moments

The Top 10 NXT Moments of this week are in, and those who were instead absorbed in a Dinner Debonair can now take in everything from Drake Maverick going off the rails to the reemergence of Pat McAfee in the yellow and gold brand.

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