Drew McIntyre: Climbing Back Down The Cell Is Terrifying

drew mcintyre

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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre appeared on Busted Open Radio this week to promote his match this Sunday, where he’ll defend his belt inside Hell in a Cell against Randy Orton and the appropriately titled PPV, Hell in a Cell. Drew has never been inside the Satanic structure for a match, but he does recall his one experience with the cage on the show.

“It’s my first Hell in a Cell match,” McIntyre said. “The only time I’ve been near the Hell in a Cell is when myself and Dolph, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins ran down during Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns. Dean and I climbed the top of the cage, we clotheslined each other where we were out, and Brock Lesnar came down and destroyed Braun and Roman. To the point that I remember Dean saying, ‘Stay completely still. He might not see us.’ I remember looking at him going, ‘Like a T-Rex?’ [Could you imagine] if Brock climbed the cell and threw us both off the top?

Bubba asked the champion what the worst part about the cell was from his experience. For the big man, it was climbing down once you’re on top:

“That was the only time I’ve been around a cell when I climbed it. It is terrifying up there and it does not feel good, but it’s a match I’ve really wanted to do since I was a kid … Climbing back down [is the scariest part]. Climbing up there is one thing, you’ve got the foot holes there as you can clearly see. When you’re live and the crowd is screaming and you’ve got big-ass feet like me, I couldn’t find the foot holes, so I scaled that thing with my hands only. It felt like my fingers would fall off when I got to the top of it.

“When you’re up there, it’s a little scary, but then when you’re trying to get back down. Imagine being legitimately 20-feet high, you have to turn your back, hang yourself off that cage, you’ve got to find those foot holes or not find them and use your hands and scale your way back down 20 feet. Unless you want to jump off, which I don’t recommend.”

We’ll see if the action spills to the outside this time around as The Viper tries to make his statement and become a 10-time WWE Champion. You can hear the full clip from the radio appearance in the embedded tweet below:

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