Brock Lesnar Available As Playable Character In UFC 4

Brock Lesnar is returning to the UFC… sort of.

Lesnar is listed as a playable fighter in the new UFC 4 video game, revealed in a new trailer (see above) released today. Lesnar is listed with a four-star overall rating; grappling is 4.5 stars and both striking and health are 4 stars.

Lesnar has been included in the WWE video game series in recent years, but has not been featured in a UFC video game since the first EA game published back in 2014 and he hasn’t fought since July 2016 against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. As pointed out by our own Ross Berman, Lesnar is not listed as a Legend fighter, where Cain Velasquez is. While it might be a small detail, it will surely lead to speculation about Lesnar’s future inside the Octagon.

Lesnar is available as a limited-time download; players can access him for free until Friday, October 30. It is unclear if the Lesnar character will be made available in the future after the initial window.

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