Josh Alexander Looks To Get More Eyes On Canadian Wrestling In IMPACT, Offers Bound For Glory Preview

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WrestleZone recently spoke with The North’s Josh Alexander, who will be one of four teams challenging for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship at Saturday’s Bound For Glory event. While they are a newer team in terms of IMPACT Wrestling, Alexander and Ethan Page have enjoyed success together as Monster Mafia in Canada. Alexander pointed to their pay-per-view matches together, then noted a recent match with Judas Icarus as some of the best examples of what they—and Canadian wrestling—is all about.

“Honestly, you can check out any match that Ethan [Page] and I have had in IMPACT. Those are available on IMPACT Plus, but if you want to just check out one with me that’s easily accessible, I had a match with a guy named Judas Icarus in Canada for Pro Wrestling 365 in [January]. It’s available on YouTube so everybody can seek it out. I’m a big supporter of Canadian indie wrestling as is Ethan. We’re both from Canadian indies so we want to get all the eyes on it that we can. If you check that out you will see the kind of wrestling we have up here in Canada, the kind of wrestling we’re trying to get eyes on and the wrestling we brought to IMPACT Wrestling.”

Alexander’s match against Icarus can be seen in full below; we’ve also added a few other full-length matches to the list as well as highlights of The North’s IMPACT Wrestling debut. Check out The North’s pay-per-view match history on the IMPACT Plus app. (Subscription required)

Josh Alexander vs. Ricochet

A1 Final Act Five — November 2, 2014

Monster Mafia vs. EYFBO (Santana & Ortiz)

Beyond GIGANTIC — May 29, 2016

Josh Alexander vs Josh Briggs

AAW Destination Milwaukee — July 12, 2019

Josh Alexander vs. Judas Icarus 

Pro Wrestling 365 — January 25, 2020

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