Kushida Pins Tommaso Ciampa, Wins Triple Threat


Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

Tonight’s episode of NXT opened with a huge triple threat match, where Kushida, Tommaso Ciampa, and Velveteen Dream took each other on. After feuding with each other for a few weeks, Kushida and Dream used the opportunity to go at each other, but it was Kushida who walked away with a win after Ciampa fell victim to an inadvertent blindside attack.

Towards the end of the back and forth match, Velveteen Dream – who was wearing a cast on his left hand – was thrown outside of the ring, with Kushida and Ciampa fighting inside. Kushida shoved Ciampa into the ropes, where he collided with Dream, who was attempting to get back in the ring. Unfortunately for Ciampa, he hit his head against Dream’s cast, knocking him out and allowing Kushida to land a german suplex on him for the victory.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, Kushida dives off the apron and hits a senton on Dream. Kushida puts Dream in an armbar. Dream taps but they are outside of the ring so it doesn’t matter. Ciampa stomps on Kushida to break the hold. Kushida drops his body weight on Ciampa’s arm outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Kushida tries to lock Ciampa in a flying armbar. Dream breaks it up with the Purple Rainmaker off the top. Ciampa breaks up the pin. Ciampa and Dream trade strikes. Dream avoids the Fairytale ending. Dream almost superkicks the referee. Dream hits the DVD. Kushida breaks up the pin. Dream gloats as he is the only one left standing. Both Ciampa and Kushida light Dream up. Kushida hits sentons offer the top on Ciampa and Dream multiple times. Kushida gets back in the ring and gets dropped with Willow’s Bell. Dream hits Ciampa in the head with his cast but gets knocked off the apron in the process. Ciampa is out cold. Kushida deadlift German suplexes Ciampa for the win.

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