AEW Dynamite Results (10/21/20)

AEW Dynamite Results

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AEW Dynamite, October 21, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

It’s win or go home tonight for the AEW #1 Contendership as they start off with their first match of the tournament.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round 1

Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy

Wardlow throws JB aside and does it again with a standing switch. JB smacks Wardlow and ducks a shout.  He jumps on Wardlow several times and dropkicks him. Wardlow misses a boot and he chops the big tree down, but Wardlow still stands. He tries diving on top of Wardlow on the outside but Wardlow catches him. JB escapes and goes for a hurricanrana but Wardlow tosses him spine first into the ring post.

Back in the ring Wardlow stomps on JB and covers, one count. He vert tosses Jungle Boy. Another massive toss and the crowd boos. Shoulder thrust and stomps in the corner by Wardlow. He chokes JB with his boot, but JB tries fighting off. A gutwrench powerbomb downs Jack Perry. Two count. He tries flinging JB to the ropes and and JB tries rolling him over for a pinfall but no dice. Hard lariat by Wardlow gets a near fall.

Soon afrer, JB hits a missle dropkick and then tope suicides Wardlow in the back. JB does a flipping tornado DDT. One count. JB kicks him back down.  Wardlow pops up and tries to DVD carry him from the top rope, but JB turns it into a top rope Frankensteiner. JB drops the knees on him for a two count. JB goes for a DDT on the outside, but Wardlow F-10’s JB back in the ring. Wardlow recuperates and gives him a massive F-10 for the victory. Nine straight wins for the big man.

WINNER & Advances: Wardlow

Tony Khan made it official: it’s Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston in an I Quit Match at AEW Full Gear.

After break, Moxley said how happy he was for Eddie Kingston when he signed with AEW. He loves Eddie Kingston. He doesn’t know where this current bitter Kingston is from and he’s not going to apologize for making a life for himself. He says on September 23 Eddie states he never tapped, well at Full Gear he’s gonna make him verbalize it.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round 1

Sonny Kiss vs. Kenny Omega

Kenny and Sonny shake hands, but then it Kenny soon hits a running knee and then the One Winged Angel for that quick W.

WINNER and Advances: Kenny Omega

Post-match, Kenny helps Sonny to his feet and Kenny raises his hand. He hugs a reluctant Sonny before leaving.

Tony is with Orange Cassidy and asks him about that time limit draw last week. Sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don’t. Tony asks him about next week. Orange says it’s on to Cincinnatti. Tony says it’s Jacksonville. “Whatever.” He fiddles with the nearby TV.

Earlier in the day, Dasha caught up with Cody. She asks him about next week’s rematch against Cassidy and he says there’s rumors that there could be a stipulation added. Dasha notes about Cody gaining 14 pounds of muscle. Arn says he’s all swoled up. Cody is happy to be an observer tonight.

We see Eddie Kingston. He’s laughing about Mox, but he wants to talk about his family: The Lucha Bros. (Unlike Mox, he doesn’t forget about his family). He says they’re going to tear the house down. Butcher & Blade will advance in their tag match. Whatever Mox said earlier is true he said. He had to become a bitter lying snake and now he’s getting a World Heavyweight Championship shot. He’s never quit in his life and he won’t quit now. Jon is gonna have to go to a dark place, but Eddie happens to live in that place. He grins and winks at the camera.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round 1

Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Cero

Eddie Kingston is on commentary and giving the booth the business. Bell rings and Fenix offers a handshake. The two seem at odds but Penta eventually hugs the head of his brother. The two start and it’s quick arm drags by the two before Penta cinches in an ankle lock. Penta goes for a piledriver but no dice. Savate kick by Penta after the two elude one another. Hard kicks by Penta. Fenix rolls him up for a two , then Penta does the same and the two get to their feet after a Fenix kip up. They stare each other down. The two trade hard chops. Big kick by Penta gets a very near fall.

Penta goes for a piledriver on the apron but Rey frees himself. Fenix does a corkscrew crossbody onto the outside. Penta trips Rey on the ropes and goes on the attack as we go to picture-in-picture break.

Back from break, Penta hits a slingblade onto Rey for a very near fall. The two get to the top and Rey delivers a head scissors. Aubrey Edwards is checking on Rey after he appears dazed from that.

Penta give a flipping reverse DDT, but doesn’t get the fall. Big superkick by Rey after Aubrey continues to check on him. Near fall. Rey pulls into the turnbuckle and soon hits a Spanish Fly from the top rope. Such a close fall. Rey is frustrated.

Penta begs Fenix to hit him, but Rey refuses. A high-flipping pop-up powerbomb gets a two count on his brother. So impressive. Penta wrenches back on Rey’s arm and he feels a wee bit guilty. Rey favors his arm. Penta grabs Rey and Ciero Mero. Rey turns the tables and hits a destroyer on Penta for the pinfall.

WINNER and Advances: Rey Fenix

We cut to Best Friends who know all about their stuff getting destroyed. The difference is that the arcade getting destroyed was an accident. We cut to Miro, Kip and Penelope. They’re still not pleased.

Alex Marvez is with Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Colt Cabana. Reynolds says that this is the biggest moment of their lives. Colt is all set to win the #1 contendership. Silver is super amped up. Reynolds is aiming to handle that hot mess as Colt goes out for his match.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round 1

Colt Cabana (with Evil Uno) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Bell rings as Evil Uno watches from the stage. Page wrenches the arm but Colt rolls free. Side headlock by Adam, but Colt boots himself out of the situation. Waistlock by Page. Colt arm drags out and Colt stops Hangman. Hangman hits him soon after. The two trade shots. Hangman soon boots him down and hits a running shooting star press for a two count. They trade chops. Hangman dives on top of Colt to the outside. Back in the ring he gets a two count. We go to picture-in-picture breaksi.

Back from break, the two continue to trade shots. Colt gets hit with a fallaway slam after Hangman flips him over. Headscissor takedown by Cabana. Crowd claps them to their feet. Hard fists by the two. Colt jabs with a flip flop and fly. Colt tries going underneath and Page tries to turn it into something but Colt rolls him up for a close call. Page hits him flush with a German suplex. Two count.

The two find themselves on the outside after Adam hits the apron hard and Colt muscles his way back into the legal square. Cabana goes for a splash, but Page rolls out of the way and Hangman hits a pop-up powerbomb for two.

Page goes for a Buckshot lariat, but Colt plays interference and hits him on the apron. Colt goes for the Chicago skyline but Page reverses. An eventual Buckshot lariat ends it.

WINNER and Advances: “Hangman” Adam Page

Post-match, Dark Order help Colt to his feet.

After break, Team Taz is on stage. They have two problems – one is Will Hobbs. They offered him a spot in the group, bu they have yet to hear from them. He better give them an answer. Number two, Darby Allin has a TNT Title shot. Tony Khan called Taz into his office. He says if Ricky Starks won that earlier match against Darby in that fugazi finish. Ricky gets on the mic and says he has proven his worth. He has to watch a guy get a shot that doesn’t deserve it. He promises Darby that when he and Allin meet again, he’s gonna put him in his grave, you half-facepainted little bitch!

Steak dinner time. Jericho and MJF are sitting together. The waitress, Velma (or Thelma), and the two keep one-upping each other on the temperature level of steaks until Chris gets to extra bloody rare. Chris notes what the deal with Max is. He’s been rude to everybody. Next week they’re going to have town hall meeting with the Inner Circle to decide if MJF should join the group. Max says it is a can’t miss opportunity. It’s duet time. They sing “Me & My Shadow.” It’s pretty darn amazing.

They finish up and they find both their steaks disgustingly rare. They call for Thelma/Velma.

Jericho & MJF’s version of “Me & My Shad0w”:

The Sammy Davis Jr. & Frank Sinatra version:


Kylin King vs. Britt Baker

Kylin starts off extremely game with some offense, but Brit stomps on her back. Kylin fires back and Britt trips her up for a German style pin. Two count. Flatliner in the middle turnbuckle and the ruthless Baker pulls her arm over the post with her boot on Kylin’s face. Two boots takes down Kylin. Rebel tosses Kylin back inm but she kicks herself free from Britt’s clutches. Slingblade by Britt, DDT, fisherman’s neckbreaker and curb stomp. Ref tells her enough. Britt gets a surgical glove, and locks in the the Lock Jaw for the submission win.

WINNER: Britt Baker

It’s announced that Matt Hardy will face Sammy Guevara in an Elite Deletion match at Full Gear.

Darby Allin is with Steve-O of Jackass. Darby rolls down a skateboard ramp in a body bag.


Four Way Tag Match For AEW Tag Team Title Shot

Dark Order vs. Private Party vs. Young Bucks vs. Butcher & Blade

FTR on commentary. Young Bucks begin in control of all opponents It’s not until Private Party get in the ring do they give them a receipt with a superkick. They then remain in control against their opponents as Marq Quen takes out everybody with dives onto the outside. FTR criticizes the offensive dives. Quen hits a shooting star press on The Blade for a near fall but Butcher breaks it up. We go to picture-in-picture break.

Back from break, it’s Silver and Quen. Silver kicks Quen and goes on a Cesaro like melee. Alex Reynolds and Silver give a flurry of shots and are about to win against Quen, but The Bucks break it up. Later, Dark Order try to double suplex Quen but he reverses. They hit the Silly String on Reynolds. Private Party hit a Hardy Party on Reynolds for another near fall, but it’s broken up. Butcher and Blade hit their finisher on Isiah, but Bucks break it up once more. Nick kicks Silver and Reynolds before giving them a lariat bulldog. He kicks down Private Party before flipping on top of Butcher & Blade.

They hit a flipping piledriver and senton Isiah on top for a near fall, but that gets broken up. The Bucks soon go for a Meltzer Driver, Isiah rolls for a pin attempt, but Matt rolls him over for the three count.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

Post match, FTR toasts The Bucks with beer, but Nick and Matt kick the beer away. In comes a mask assaliant on tTHe Bucks and assists the two with a spike piledriver. They wedge a chair on Matt Jackson’s leg, and come stomping down on top of it. The assailant unmasks himself to be Tully Blanchard. The booth question if The Bucks will be able to compete at Full Gear as the show closes.