First & Last Entrant Determined For Bound For Glory’s Call Your Shot Gauntlet


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Tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling helped determine the first and last entrants for the upcoming Call Your Shot Gauntlet match at Bound for Glory. In a 5-Way Match between Heath, Rhino, Hernandez, Cousin Jake, and Alisha Edwards, it was Hernandez who came away with the win, pinning Rhino to slot himself in as the No. 20 entrant in the match.

During the match, it was a chaotic affair as all five superstars attempted to come away with the win while also avoiding the pin. Unfortunately, though, Rhino was on the receiving end of some bad luck late in the match. As he attempted to deliver a brutal Gore to Hernandez, the man was able to move away, leaving Rhino to land the hit on Alisha Edwards instead. With Rhino shocked in the ring, Hernandez quickly rolled him up for the win, locking in his spot as the final entrant and dooming Rhino to being the first man in the Gauntlet.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Rhino tells the ref to get Alisha out of the ring. Alisha takes exception and begins shoving Rhino and Heath. Hernandez sits her on the top turnbuckle and she is not pleased. The men brawl and she jumps on Heath’s back. Jake gets mixed up and bumps her and Heath in the corner. Hernandez and Rhino duke it out and he hits a shoulder block. Alisha tries to steal the pin but nothing doing. Brawl goes outside and Alisha dives onto Cousin Jake, Heath, and Rhino. Jake trips Alisha up and immediately apologizes. Rhino attacks Hernandez in the corner and Jake goes after Rhino. The two team up on the “Man-Beast.” Heath levels the field out but Hernandez does clothesline him over the rope. Hernandez kicks Alisha in the gut and he goes to lay on his finisher but Jake pulls her to safety. Rhino goes to Gore Hernandez, but Hernandez moves and he annihilates Alisha. A shocked Rhino gets rolled up by Hernandez for the 1-2-3, meaning he gets the 20th spot in the gauntlet while Rhino has to go in at number one.

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