Josh Alexander: IMPACT’s Tag Division Still Goes Through The North, They’ll Prove It At The Good Brothers’ Expense

Josh Alexander says titles or not, The North is still the measuring stick in tag team wrestling.

The North has a big week ahead of them, facing the Good Brothers on Tuesday’s new episode of IMPACT before getting another shot at the Tag Team Championship at Bound For Glory on Saturday. Alexander recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, offering a preview of both matches, noting that they aren’t looking past Gallows and Anderson at all but The North will prove why they are still the best team in the company.

“Of course we’re going to look at it a bit differently as far as they are a very popular tag team and they have a huge brand across professional wrestling and throughout the entire world. They are well-known so we look at it as an opportunity to make a name for ourselves at their expense. We’re not going to sell them short—they are a very good tag team and they are here in IMPACT for a reason,” Alexander said. “IMPACT went out of their way to sign some of the best professional wrestlers in the world in the past six months, and [the Good Brothers] are one of those tag teams. It’s a hot free agent destination and they’ve come in, but we consider ourselves the best tag team on Earth. The only way to prove that is to beat teams that fans and writers seem to think are better. Some of you might be ill-informed and think the Good Brothers are better than us but this is an opportunity for us to show otherwise.”

The North’s record-breaking title reign ended at the hands of the returning Motor City Machine Guns, but Alexander says The North is still the measuring stick in tag team wrestling. Noting that IMPACT has become a free agent destination in recent months, Alexander says they can bring in as many new faces as they want, but you still have to go through The North to make a statement.

“Yeah. We had a little altercation with [Madman] Fulton and Ace [Austin], who are a relatively new tag team trying to make a name for themselves in IMPACT Wrestling. We said it—if you want to enter the tag team division it starts and ends with The North. I don’t care what free agent tag team comes in, whether it’s the Motor City Machine Guns, the current IMPACT Tag Team Champions and rightfully so, or the Good Brothers. If you want to make a name for yourself you have to defeat us, and only one team has been able to do that in 400+ days and that’s the Motor City Machine Guns right now. So you would be absolutely right in that.”

Check out the full interview at the top of this page, where Alexander also talks about:

  • how deep the talent pool is in IMPACT
  • The North’s goals as a team and how they complement each other
  • If they will take a day off to celebrate a tag title win and Ethan Page’s Taco Bell cheat meal order
  • Matches he’s most proud of

…and much more!

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