Ali Admits To Being The Hacker, Wants The Entire World To Know WWE’s Greed

mustafa ali retribution

Image Credit: WWE / USA Network

This week on WWE RAW, Mustafa Ali revealed that he was The Hacker. “Yeah, that was me,” said Ali. He said he wanted to expose the WWE’s corruption. He revealed that he always wanted to shine a light on the members of Retribution, who WWE constantly forgot about. “I found them,” said Ali. “I united them and I promised them that their truth will be heard. So to anyone be it the Fiend or the Hurt Business, anyone on Monday Night RAW, if you try to stop the truth from being heard, we will shut you down.”

He passionately discussed how he used his power to hack after he had to sit at home because WWE “couldn’t make a buck” with someone named Mustafa Ali.

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