The Fiend Destroys Retribution After The Hurt Business Defeats Them

bray wyatt

Photo Credit: WWE

This week on WWE RAW, Retribution confronted “The Fiend” and Alexa Bliss, but the happy couple disappeared when the lights went out The Hurt Business then came to the ring, and both factions brawled. After a commercial, the two sides faced off in an eight-man tag team match. Bobby Lashley took the fight to T-BAR and dropped him with a Flatliner. Lashley suplexed Slapjack, and Cedric Alexander entered the match. The Hurt Business continued to dominate, but a distraction from Mace allowed Slapjack to rally.

Mustafa Ali tagged in and took control. He slammed Alexander into the barricade. The Fiend’s music played and his face appeared on the video screen.

Shelton Benjamin suplexed Mace and gained the upper hand. Lashley cleared house and Speared Mace. Lashley made T-BAR tap out to the Hurt Lock to win the match. After the match, The Fiend decimated each member of Retribution. The Fiend then stared at The Hurt Business and at Alexa Bliss’ face on the video screen. “Let me in,” she said in Wyatt’s voice.

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