MLW Signs Bu Ku Dao: Talks Height, His Vietnamese Heritage & Making An Influence


MLW Bu Ku Dao

Credit: MLW

MLW has promised new talent for their upcoming “Restart” this early November and they began to create some of that talk this morning by revealing the signing of Bu Ku Dao.

Steven Muelhasen of DAZN is reporting that the company signed the 31-year old kickboxer and Sanshou fighter, making him the first Vietnamese-American pro wrestler signed to a major wrestling promotion. Muelhasen interviewed Dao about his signing and got some background on his early work as an in-ring grappler. You can check out some of the conversation below:

What was it about pro wrestling? Is it just the art form? Is it the entertainment aspect? Is it the sports aspect? What aspects of pro wrestling drew you to want to do?

“There’s room for everything,” he said about the world of pro wrestling. “I think (wrestling) really is an art form, in my opinion. It’s a real art form if it’s done right. If you train and want to be one of the best in the world, it’s an art to me, and it’s violence, but the violence is very (much) like music to me.”

Is what you just said that drew you to MLW?

“I wanted to go there for so long, for a couple of years I’ve been talking about (wanting to go there). Even when I got the call, I was excited, but then at the same time, I thought it was a joke. I thought no way they want me, just like my dad and my parents don’t want me at home or wrestling. I was like, ‘No way these guys want me in Major League Wrestling.’ I was so excited and very emotional. I was crying a lot. For them to give me this opportunity, I was just so speechless.”

How were you when you got the news that you would be coming to MLW because you were going to go to a place that ended up not wanting you to now a place where you’re really wanted?

“I told him (CEO Court Bauer,) I was just the happiest man alive. Everything just felt so right when they called me. I still can’t believe it because, after everything that happened, I’m still in disbelief.”

What does that mean to you that you’re becoming a trendsetter for something that’s never been done for Vietnamese Americans and wrestling for a major pro wrestling organization?

“It’s a new motivation for me because I really do want to inspire more Vietnamese wrestlers, more people. I see it growing over there in Vietnam. I want to help them grow. I want them to take notice, too. If you’re from here and you’re Vietnamese, I still want you to believe because I don’t think there’s enough representation in the business, especially the Vietnamese and the culture that’s coming out right now.”

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