Drew McIntyre On If He Plans To Shave Again, Reading Mick Foley’s Book ‘Cover To Cover’

Drew McIntyre

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Drew McIntyre may be a babyface but don’t expect to see his baby face any time soon.

The WWE Champion spoke with Stew Myrick of “Sports Guys Talking Wrestling” and was asked about if he plans to go clean shaven to hearken back to his “Chosen One” days again.

“Absolutely not. I still look about 15 underneath this beard,” Drew says as he laughs about the prospect. “I keep it a part of my new look. I know when I was younger I looked like one of those Abecrombie & Fitch models for clothes or something or like an underwear or swimsuit models or something, but it wasn’t just the fact that I was a lot lighter back then, a lot leaner back then. That face, although I’ve eaten the previous version of myself I’m about 270 lbs underneath now this beard there’s still that babyface. It doesn’t quite complete the rugged, Scottish look to take it off. Plus, I accidently shaved it one time a few years ago. My wife was mortified. That’s the first time she’s seen me clean shaven and she was like, ‘Uhh, I think I’ve got to wait until some hair comes back on your face. You look a little bit young for me.'”

McIntyre’s rise to stardom was a recent focus in the WWE 24 series and it so happened that Mick Foley’s New York Times Bestseller Have A Nice Day literally played an important role in his education as a grappler and an English student. Drew still happens to have that very copy of the book too.

“That was the first book I’ve actually read from cover to cover. I finished it in four days. You know, the audience is aware, that is a very thick book,very thick book and to plow through it in four days it means you’re basically reading that book all day every day while somehow going to school. And I’ve made a note inside the book exactly how long it took for me to read it because I was blown away. ‘Wow, you actually read a book from cover to cover. Your English would be so impressed with ‘The Merchant of Venice’ or something.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can tune into McIntyre’s and Myrick’s full conversation below:

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