Daniel Bryan Wants To Recapture Intercontinental Title And Test Himself

daniel bryan

Photo by Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Daniel Bryan entered the ThunderDome for the first time this week after spending months at home with his newborn daughter. Mixing it up on the mic with AJ Styles, Bryan seems eager to get back in the ring and seems destined to challenge once again for the Intercontinental Championship. According to his appearance today on Talking Smack, he hopes to reclaim the belt and test himself against the best that WWE has to offer:

In particular, Bryan wants to battle against those he hasn’t had the chance to face as of yet. He specifically mentions Gran Metallik and Shorty G Chad Gable as great talents that he wants to work against. He also says that he would want to defend the IC gold every week if he could, in a similar manner to Cody Rhodes over on AEW with the TNT Championship.

Bryan also noted that he’s feeling the progress of time beginning to affect his in-ring work. He said that, during the match where he lost the title to AJ Styles, he felt that he couldn’t jump as high as his opponent as the match progressed. This is in spite of the fact that Bryan is younger than Styles, a fact that he feels is quite unfair.

Current IC Champ Sami Zayn was sitting next to the Yes Man throughout this conversation, and it seems that a meeting between the two could be on the horizon. If Daniel does reclaim the old worker’s title, he certainly has a wealth of options to battle on the SmackDown roster.

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