Goldberg Says He’s Entering WWE ThunderDome, Interested In Universal Title Match


Photo Credit: Robert Herrera via Denise Salcedo

Plenty of eyes will be on tonight’s SmackDown main event, which pits The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns against a particularly monstrous Braun Strowman with the Universal Title on the line. With Roman still looking ahead to taking care of family business at Hell in a Cell, Strowman has a chance to catch a dominant champ off-guard and capture the title on his last night on SmackDown.

One man that has prior dealings with both men who will be watching closely is Bill Goldberg. The WCW legend posted on Instagram that he’d be in the Thunderdome keeping an eye on his two past rivals and that he has a real interest in recapturing the gold somewhere down the line.

Goldberg won’t be alone either. Several other superstars will make their presence felt during the main event. Some have title contention on their mind, while others just want to take in the show.

The question remains, is anyone from Roman’s past ready for his new domineering persona? One only has to wait a few hours to find out how Braun Strowman fares on the island in the main event.

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