Vince McMahon Reportedly Once Tried (And Failed) To Get CM Punk To Drink

Booker T CM Punk

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Appearing on an interactive Q&A on THE HANNIBAL TV, former WWE Superstar Chris Masters recalled several stories of his days in the company. As these conversations often do, talk shifted to Vince McMahon and the crazy things he has done over the years. On one flight to the Middle East for Tribute to the Troops (an annual trip at the time that was described as “some of the wildest stuff” Masters has experienced in wrestling), McMahon targeted CM Punk for some of his signature special attention.

Vince was trying to peer pressure CM Punk into having a drink and I wouldn’t really know what to do either if I was CM Punk because part of me, maybe Vince is testing him to see if he could get CM Punk to break his will and then that’ll make Vince lose respect for him or whatever, you know what I’m saying but, and then eventually so CM Punk wouldn’t drink and then eventually it turned into — it went from CM Punk drinking to now, ‘Hey, if you’re such a shooter CM Punk, how about you take on –’ I think it was first, Shelton Benjamin and then after that, it was Carlito because Carli would, not shoot flirt but kind of mess with Maria [Kanellis-Bennett] and flirt with her and I’m pretty sure CM Punk and Maria were together again at the time

The situation then apparently devolved into Punk and Shelton brawling for a bit, with Shelton coming out on top thanks to his amateur wrestling credentials. Considering CM Punk’s record in MMA, that’s not very surprising.

Among other stories, Masters also talks about JBL “torturing him” during those trips, a story heard all too often about Layfield and his own brand of backstage antics. You can watch the full shoot interview/Q&A in the video embedded below:

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