Cody Rhodes Goes Back To Blonde, Wrestles Orange Cassidy To A Time Limit Draw

cody rhodes

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Cody Rhodes is still the AEW TNT Champion holder after facing off against Orange Cassidy in his first open challenge since winning the belt back.

Notably, Rhodes sported blonde hair once again after briefly being a brunette for his return. This was Cassidy’s second challenge for the TNT Championship in the past month as he was defeated by Brodie Lee. Cassidy had plenty of theatrics and lackadaisical movement as is typical, but Rhodes wasn’t about to play his opponent’s games.

Dark Order member John Silver would try to steal the belt mid-match but Cassidy retrieved the belt and the Dark Order were booted from ringside. Cassidy’s technical wrestling got him back into the match after a slow start, but Rhodes would hit a “Cody Cutter” to stagger his opponent. Cassidy would hit a diving DDT and a Michinoku Driver during one of his best moments in the bout but it wasn’t enough to win the title.

It looked like Cassidy was going to win the belt after he locked in a mouse trap pin, but the 20-minute time limit expired and a draw was declared.

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