The Young Bucks Discuss Wrestling Without A Traditional Crowd

Young Bucks

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Young Bucks miss feeding off the energy of All Elite Wrestling audiences and say that the current state of the world has forced them to change their act.

AEW Dynamite has been on TNT for one year now, and due to the global coronavirus pandemic, they have had more episodes without a traditional audience than they have with a traditional professional wrestling setup.

The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, are two wrestlers who feed off of the crowd, and in a new interview with ScreenRant, Matt Jackson opens up about how much of a difficult transition it was for them to have to work without an audience because of the current state of the world.

“It’s really awkward, man! Nick and I, at one point, we were two of the most interactive wrestlers in the world. I would have my matches and I would always appeal to the audience, or I would always fire up to the audience, and they’re not there for me anymore. It’s really made us change our act and change the way we do things and change the way we structure matches,” said Matt.

Nick Jackson would say that because Tony Khan and AEW take the pandemic so seriously, they will be at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida for the foreseeable future.

“For the foreseeable future, you’ll see us at Daily’s Place. [AEW CEO] Tony [Khan]’s taking this pandemic very seriously. He’s very cautious with putting wrestlers at risk, and we all agree with that. So I don’t think it will be any time soon. I’m not sure what the timetable is, but I can’t even predict, to be honest.”

WrestleZone will have live play-by-play coverage of AEW Dynamite’s anniversary special beginning tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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