Anthem Entertainment Partners With Ohio Valley Wrestling For New Series Premieres

OVW Logo

Photo: Ohio Valley Wrestling

Ohio Valley Wrestling is hitting the airwaves in partnership with Anthem Entertainment, the parent company behind IMPACT Wrestling. OVW announced that a pair of shows would be hitting Anthem’s Game+ Network, a cable channel that also airs Battlebots and programming based on popular MOBA League of Legends.

OVW CEO/Owner Al Snow had this to say on the occasion of the promotions jump to a new network:

We are proud to join the Anthem family when OVW Overdrive and OVW TV make their debut on Game+ this Sunday, October 18. We have a passionate roster full of excitement and unpredictability, and we can’t wait to share what we have to offer with the Game+ viewers. We have seen unprecedented growth in 2020 and expanded our reach to millions of homes worldwide. Now, we have another great opportunity to expand our passionate OVW fanbase!

The promotion premieres in its new home this Sunday at 9 AM ET with OVW Overdrive, a weekly analysis program that provides unique matches, interviews with OVW’s brightest stars, and “sketches that put the duo in a variety of entertaining situations.” Then, starting at 10 AM, OVW TV will air its first episode on the network. The promotion is advertising talents such as Rhino, Brian Pillman Jr., and Sami Callihan, as well as a roster full of up and comers.

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