Otis Calls Tucker A Big Brother, Says He’s Crushed About The End Of Heavy Machinery

otis heavy machinery

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Otis appeared on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump. During the interview, Otis reflected on the WWE Draft, which split up Heavy Machinery. He also discussed his continuing long-distance relationship with Mandy Rose. Here are some highlights:

On the draft breaking up Heavy Machinery:
Otis: “It really hit us big time after Talking Smack, after hearing the news. As we walked away as being guests, we still hear Kayla [Braxton] saying no more Tucker and Otis Heavy Machinery. And we’re walking to the back of the locker room, and legit I saw him just start wiping his face, and I’m like, oh man this is gonna be real. And I guess just like a relationship, you know, we’ve been officially a team for four years and a half, ever since July 22, 2016 and that was our first match.”
“It hit me hard, too,  so it was kind of like two big babies kind of getting ready to go back over to the hotel because it hit hard, and really it’s just like, he’s been basically my big brother for real on the road because everyone knows I’m not organized, I’m a little bit insane, and yeah, all the above.”
“[It’s] very, very emotional, but we’re both in our hearts, though. We have, the reason we say two hearts, one soul is because we have the same thought process, it’s not two different egos, it’s the same ego, it’s the same everything. We have each other’s back since day one.”
“I’m gonna miss him, you know, especially traveling, I won’t see him as much now, so darn it.”
On Mandy Rose moving to WWE RAW:
Otis: “Just to make sure I have her back because I know she’s in a tag team now with Ms. Dana Brooke, you know, those two are gonna do some solid work together, if you know what I’m saying. They have my full support.”
“I’m gonna make sure to keep my eyes on her, especially with Retribution going around, stuff like that, gotta make sure that man protects his nest, protects the flock, if you know what I mean. It’s been really hard not to see her, but at the same time, it’s how it is in the world.”
On feuding with The Miz:
Otis: “I don’t take things too personal, but this is getting a little bit more personal every single time. Lost my beautiful peach, lost my tag team partner, now he’s after that darn Money in the Bank contract, which you know ain’t gonna happen. You can’t get ‘em out of these hands. They’re firmly in these bear paws, as I call them. So no, I am not looking forward to this court case. Just because the possibilities of what is up his sleeve, of what his plan is, I’m nervous about. Because I’m not a sly person. I’m an honest man, and he’s a snake.”
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