IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/13/20)

Rhino reveals to Heath backstage that he got his buddy in the “Call Your Shot” gauntlet. If either of them win, Heath gets his contract. If not, Heath is out of IMPACT. They have a tag match tonight. Heath runs to get his gear in the car and in comes D’Amore to ask Rhino if he told Heath the other part of the deal. Rhino said he didn’t and D’Amore reminds the “Man Beast” that his IMPACT contract is on the line as well. Rhino knows this and he’s okay with it.


10-Man Tag Match (Winning team gets a five-way bout next week in hopes of earning the 20th spot of the “Call Your Shot” gauntlet at BFG)

Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Cody Deaner, Johnny Swinger & Tenille Dashwood vs. Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino & Heath

Swinger and Heath start it all off. They circle one another, but Swinger tags in Tenille. Heath tags in Alisha. Tenille headlocks Alisha down. Alisha fights to her feet and catches Tenille’s leg. Alisha misses with a senton. Running clothesline by Tenille only gets one count. Tenille tags in Cody Deaner. Jake doesn’t want to lock up with Alisha and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez teases and tags in Rhino. Cody starts an “EC-Dub” chant. Side headlock by Deaner but Rhino powers him down before tagging in Cousin Jake. Jake high fives Deaner and Deaner tags in Dreamer.

Dreamer shakes hands with Jake but Dreamer pulls him in for a headlock. Jake shoulder blocks him down. Jake feels bad but goes for an elbow. He misses. Dreamer takes a shot from Hernandez. Hernandez does get in and powers down Dreamer with a clothesline. Bearhug to Dreamer as Tommy screams in pain. He bites Hernandez and it motivates Hernandez to take everyone out. He goes for a splash on top of Dreamer but misses. Myers won’t tag Dreamer in and Dreamer forces him in the ring. Heath gets the tag and it’s the two former WWE stars going at it. Heath gets a near fall on Brian. Brian catches him with a Downward Spiral, Swinger blind tags himself in and Heath hits the Wake-Up Call for the win.

WINNERS: Heath, Rhino, Alisha, Cousin Jake & Hernandez

Backstage, Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards scuffle but Ken Shamrock attacks Eddie from behind. Sami records Eddie’s pain all on his phone.

Backstage Eric Young is with Jimmy Jacobs and he asks Jimmy what he thinks is going to happen with Rich Swann. Jacobs says Rich is resilient. Eric says he’s going to go to the ring and get some answers as to where Swann’s head is at.


Kimber Lee (with Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Kylie Rae

Bell rings and Lee puts up her dukes. So does Kylie. The two lock up and Lee backs Rae in the corner. Kylie goes for a kick but Lee catches her leg. Kylie hits her with a spinning headscissors. Rae charges at Lee in the corner and it goes to the outside. Lee gets back in the ring as Deonna stares down Rae. Rae gets back in and hits a running hurricanrana on Lee. Spinning kick and a boot gets a pinfall attempt. Rae misses a shot in the corner and Lee takes the action to the apron as the two trade shots. Lee goes for a German off the apron but Kylie clutches to the ropes. Kylie elbows her off. Kylie goes for another running hurricanrana and Kimber Lee catches her and bashes Kylie off the apron. Rae answers the ten count by Lee makes her pay with a flurry of ground punches. Lee stomps a mudhole in Kylie. She soon grinds her face off the ring ropes. Shots in the corner by Lee and Rae fights off. Kimber continues to kick Kylie and gives her some elbows, Kylie catches Lee with an extremely impressive arm drag. Soon Lee hits a stalling suplex on Rae. Two count.

Lee then wrenches on the left leg of Rae. Rae reverses it into an armbreaker and Lee rolls her up for a pin attempt. Kick out. The two find each other at odds. Lee corners Rae but Kylie boots free. Lee tries again but Rae avoids two attempts and begins taking it to Lee with a flurry of assaults. She hits the Kylie Special for a very close fall. It causes Deonna to step on the apron. Rolling senton in the corner by Rae for a two count. Deonna watches on. Lee is favoring her knee and Lee catches Rae with a sit-out powerbomb. Rae hits a hurricanrana pin attempt for a near fall. She lariats Lee down. Deonna gets on the apron to distract Kylie. She gets rolled up by Lee but Rae rolls herself free and locks in her Smile To The Finish crossface for the tap out.

WINNER: Kylie Rae

An aggressive Rae doesn’t release and in comes Deonna. Rae also gets the better of her and superkicks her down too. Deonna bails.