Cody Rhodes Promises ‘A Little Less Talk From Me, A Little More Action’ In AEW’s Second Year

cody rhodes

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Cody Rhodes says he spoke too much as Executive Vice President in AEW’s first year but he aims to change that by delivering more through his actions in year two.

Rhodes recently spoke with Alex Biese of the Asbury Park Press ahead of All Elite Wrestling’s anniversary show and talked about how he regretted making some remarks in an effort to build the AEW brand. Cody says he tried to define AEW a certain way, but now sees that the identity of the company is constantly changing. He says he remarks might have been taken out of context and created issues that didn’t need to be there, so he’s making it a goal to act more and speak less as AEW looks towards their next year of operation.

“I wanted to really promote the brand, I wanted to pound the pavement, but in speaking I kind of confined our product, I tried to give an identity to a product (when the) identity is evolving, its identity is growing. AEW is going to have a different identity in year one than it has in year two, and we want that identity and that flavor profile to improve. But to say it’s one thing would be incorrect because wrestling is something that there’s no one specific way to do it right. There’s many different ways to do it right.”

“So I spoke too much as an executive in my efforts to promote the brand and a lot of this kind of click-bait journalism (followed) in areas where what I said was taken out of context and might have rubbed people the wrong way or might have created more tension between an NXT fan and an AEW fan. A little less talk from me, a little more action, is one of my goals (going forward).”

Rhodes defends his TNT Championship against Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday.

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