Mr. Brodie Lee Calls Winning The TNT Title The Culmination Of His Career

brodie lee

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Brodie Lee recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted and reflected on winning the AEW TNT Championship and thriving with All Elite Wrestling. Here are some highlights:

On being the TNT champion:

Lee: “This one is extra special. It came at a time after I decided to bet on myself, and I feel like I’ve proven something now, not only to myself, but to everyone that doubted me maybe around the world in professional wrestling, so this one’s very, very special to me.”

On his feud with Cody Rhodes:

Lee: “I believe that the original plan was for me to not become TNT champion. I don’t know how, I’m kind of not privy to the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts of it all. Not because I don’t want to be, because if I get a thought in my head, I become quickly married to it, and then if something changes, I go insane. So I try not to know too much about what’s supposed to happen and kind of just live in the moment.”

“The match itself was presented to me like a week or two before it even happened, so I just kind of wanted to train, look the part and then do whatever was asked of me.”

On his arrival as the Exalted One:

Lee: “I was excited to be part of AEW, in literally any capacity after leaving WWE. I watched, one year ago today, I was there at home watching, I was excited. I had so many friends and so many people, in the same way, that had bet on themselves, and now they have a national wrestling company on a cable television network that is uberly successful. So just to be a part of it in any capacity was gonna be awesome to me. Then, to be asked to be a leader of this giant group, with tons of talent already in it, and then to add talent to the group in the form of 5,10 and Anna Jay, so now I’m slotted at the top, and I have a crew behind me that’s gonna help me do the work. There was no doubts about it in my mind.”

On winning the TNT title being his favorite memory 

Lee: “I mean, laying on top of Cody, looking into the hard cam, imagining my son looking back on the other side, knowing that I’m gonna be the TNT Champion, that I’m gonna bring that belt home to him, that’s a very, very special memory. That Saturday night, I’ll never forget it.”

“When we watched it back at home, it was my two sons and me, my wife was at work, I had tears in my eyes. It was just the culmination of so much bulls— and so much questioning myself and questioning my career and just so much anxiety over the past eight years. And it all came out watching it on TV. Just an unbelievable experience.”

The full episode is available here:

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