Cedric Alexander Says He’s The Kryptonite To Mustafa Ali’s Superman

Cedric Alexander

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Cedric Alexander recently appeared on the Table Talk podcast with WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley. He reflected on his alliance with The Hurt Business and his rivalry with Mustafa Ali. Here are some highlights:

On being with The Hurt Business:

Alexander: “You know, I could say the classic thing, ‘Oh it’s humbling, it’s something I never thought would happen,’ which is all true. But at the same time, as well as things like, yeah, it felt like it was meant to be.  Because I’ve known Shelton [Benjamin] for almost ten years now, I’ve known Bobby [Lashley]and MVP for a few years, off and on, and now seeing that I’m able to, and I’ve said it before, being able to learn from three of the most physically gifted and talented and decorated athletes in WWE, words can’t even describe it. I feel like I’ve been given the golden ticket to success and there’s no way I can mess it up.”

“It feels like I’m in a whole different league, not just a guy in a locker room, I’m in like a, I’m trying to describe it, the best way to describe it is a board room of executives. Everything is straightforward and to the point, no clowning around no goofing, it’s about green, that’s MVP always says.”

On Mustafa Ali being part of Retribution:

Alexander: “I was sitting back and watching it unfold, and I was extremely surprised. Honestly, in a weird way, it made me excited because I’ve been waiting to get hold of Ali again ever since we had our match at WrestleMania. So now that Ali you know, decided to make better business decisions instead of hanging out with Apollo and Ricochet, I’m interested to see what he’s really gonna do. I’ve always thought Ali had a bit of a mean streak.”

“Mustafa Ali has never beaten me in any way, shape or form. Singles match or tag team match, Ali has never beaten me, so that’s part of why I’m so excited that he’s decided to join Retribution. Now I get to get my hands on Ali again and see if he’s actually learned something from me the last few years.”

On his rivalry with Ali:

Alexander: “Ali, he likes to think of himself as more or less Superman. You know, the thing [where he says], ‘Be the light, see the light,’ and now he’s kind of going to the darkness. Well, you know, Ali needs to understand, I’m his Kryptonite, I’m his ultimate darkness. All the light he was trying to shine before, I blocked it out. The darkness that he’s trying to shadow over the WWE now, I’m gonna shine a light on that.”

“Ali can’t beat me. Period. End of story.”

The full interview is available here:

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