Drew McIntyre Proud Of Being First Draft Pick After ‘Crazy Freaking Year’

drew mcintyre

Photo Credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre is the current reigning WWE Champion, so it’s not too surprising that he went first overall in the latest WWE Draft. Speaking backstage with WWE, McIntyre reflected on being the first overall pick, saying that it was the cherry on top to one of the craziest years of his life. 

When asked whether or not he expected to be the first overall pick, McIntyre said that he didn’t expect anything, but knows that when you work hard, good things happen. “I mean I try not to expect anything in my life or my career,” he said. “But I have found if you work your butt off every single day, treat every day like number one, good things happen. Royal Rumble win, WrestleMania win, and the number one draft pick, this has been a crazy freaking year. So Drew McIntyre, the WWE Championship, in regards to RAW, I’m not freaking leaving, boys.” 

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