Otis Pays Tribute To Tucker After Getting Split In WWE Draft

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

After last night’s shocking surprise that The New Day would be splitting up thanks to the WWE Draft, another fan-favorite duo was split up. Earlier on Saturday, during an episode of Talking Smack, Tucker was drafted to Monday Night RAW, and with Otis having been drafted to SmackDown last night, it officially marks the end of their hilarious and successful duo.

Taking to social media, both Otis and Tucker shared heartfelt messages about the other, with Otis saying the two had separate hearts but the same soul, before telling his “big brother” that he loved him. In Tucker’s message, he called their partnership “a brotherhood unlike any other,” and told Otis he loved him. It’s a tough ending for the pair, but it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of the iconic duo, although we may not see them together in the ring for some time.

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