WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (10/9/20)

Backstage, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods find Big E. Kingston and Woods congratulate Big E on his big win. Woods and Kingston say they want their tag team titles back.

In-Ring Segment: Jey Uso

Uso asks for Reigns to tell him what their match stipulation will be at Hell in a Cell. Reigns never comes to the ring. Heyman interrupts and tells Uso to stop embarrassing himself. This is yet another foolish attempt by Uso to dictate when Reigns does anything. Heyman says the Champ appreciates everyone on SmackDown being enthusiastic as long as they don’t try to step to him. if they do, this will happen. Heyman throws to a video of Reigns destroying Uso at Clash of Champions. Reigns says when he was a kid his dad use to say believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see. But what we just saw, you can believe that. Reigns says he tried to help Uso. All he had to do was say the words. For the first time inside Hell in a Cell there will be an I Quit Match. Reigns tells Uso it didn’t have to be like this. Reigns loves Uso. After Uso says “I quit”, there will be consequences.

Stephanie is back for round two of the WWE Draft. Stephanie announces that New Day will be challenging for the tag titles tonight.

RAW Selects AJ Styles

SmackDown selects Sasha Banks

RAW selects Naomi

SmackDown selects Bianca Belair

RAW selects WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Miz and Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle

Hardy and Riddle hit Broatry in Motion. Riddle leaps off Hardy’s back and hits a senton outside the ring. After the break, Miz and Morrison are working over Hardy. Hardy manages to tag in Riddle. Riddle clears the ring and hits Broderek on Miz for the win.

Winners- Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle

Lars Sullivan’s music hits and he power walks to the ring. Sullivan destroys everyone.

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