Arn Anderson: The Undertaker vs. Kane Didn’t Warrant Hell In A Cell In 2010, They’re Better As Partners

Arn Anderson

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Arn Anderson knows all about having kayfabe relatives, brother and the former WWE road agent added his two cents to The Undertaker and Kane relationship and it’s worth lending an ear to.

On his latest episode of ARN, The Enforcer chatted with Conrad Thompson about Hell In A Cell 2010 in which The Brothers of Destruction butted heads once more. According to Conrad, who read a passage from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the match didn’t go over very well despite being the main event of the evening and Arn gives a solid reason as to why.

“The thing was—the whole story was Taker and Kane were brothers. Said it before, say it again and it applies here— nobody wants to see brothers fight. I think anytime you can go to any big match with Kane and Taker as partners, Brothers of Destruction against two other guys, doesn’t matter who it was that was much better, felt better, smelt better match-up than those guys fighting each other and the effects, the special effects were just so-so.”

Not only that, but the special effects used weren’t up to the spectacular grade that we tend to see from WWE production, particularly when it circles around The Deadman.

Again, the trappings around the two talent wasn’t as impressive as the match could’ve been in just a normal setting. Again, I don’t think it warranted Hell In A Cell. It just didn’t.

Something that Arn did get a kick out of was the return of Paul Bearer for the bout who at the time happened to be a bit more round in comparison to his early days as Taker’s daddy.

“Seeing Percy waddling like The Penguin in Batman trying to get away from Kane in slow motion was worth the price of admission and that had to be one of the largest suits ever put together by a seamstress in the history of seamstresses. Percy was a large man at that point so that was your entertainment portion for me.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can hear Conrad and Arn cover the entire PPV below: