Ember Moon & Rhea Ripley Take Down Dakota Kai And Raquel Gonzalez

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s episode of NXT came to an end with a big tag team match, where the newly returned Ember Moon teamed up with Rhea Ripley to take on Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. Despite getting the upper hand on the duo during an ambush earlier in the night, Gonzalez and Kai were unable to come away with a win, as Moon and Ripley proved to be a solid enough team in a big win.

The match itself was preceded by Kai and Gonzalez attacking Riley earlier in the night, when the NXT superstar interrupted Io Shirai and Ember Moon. After helping out Ripley, William Regal concluded that a match was in order, with Ripley and Moon having to team up. In the match itself, they proved to be a decent enough team, with Ripley even helping Moon deliver a big DDT late in the match. After Ripley and Gonzalez both fell over the announce table out of the ring with Kai watching on, Moon was able to land the Eclypse on her for the victory.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Moon lands a flurry of strikes to Gonzalez. Moon launches Kai into Gonzalez. Moon drops Kai with a middle rope codebreaker. Gonzalez saves KAi from a splash int he corner by Moon. Gonzalez picks up Moon. Kai kicks Moon in the head as Gonzalez lands a bodyslam. Moon kicks out. Ripley tags in and electric chair drops Kai. Kai kicks out. Kai hits Ripley with the Kairopractor. Ripley tags out. Gonzalez tries to suplex Moon but Ripley pushes Moon to reverse the momentum turning it into a DDT. Pop up powerbomb by Moon. Ripley and Gonzalez fall over the announce table.  Kai is too busy watching the carnage between Ripley and Gonzalez. Kai turns around and walks right into the Eclypse. Moon pins Kai.

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