WWE NXT Results (10/7/20)

In-Ring Segment: Ember Moon

Moon says she’s shocked they let her talk on the mic. It’s been a while. Moon says she has been in isolation for 14 long months. Moon is back and she sees a lot of things have changed here. Moon took her bike and drove for miles and miles. Moon now follows Ember’s Law. She isn’t going to let anyone walk over her ever again. Moon says she’s back and she wants gold. Io Shirai interrupts. Shirai joins Moon in the ring. Before Shirai can speak, Rhea Ripley walks out on the ramp. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez attack Ripley from behind. Moon helps Ripley as Shirai watches from the ring. Commissioner Regal walks out and books Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

Earlier today, Killian Dain is upset because Drake Maverick booked them in a tag match later tonight. Dain insists he isn’t Maverick’s partner. Maverick is excited for Dain to hear their new tag team entrance music.

Backstage, when asked why she didn’t help Ripley and Moon, Shirai says Moon and Ripley are not her problems. The NXT Women’s Championship is her problem.

Ever-Rise vs. Dain and Maverick

Maverick dances to their “new” music. Dain yells to cut the music. It was awful. Dain isn’t interested in being in the match at all. Dain immediately tags in Maverick and stands on the apron. Dain sarcastically reaches out for a tag as Maverick is getting worked over by both members of Ever-Rise. After getting insulted by Martel, Dain drags Maverick to their corner and tags himself in. Dain runs through both members of Ever-Rise. Dain goes up for a Vader Bomb. Maverick tags himself in and tries to take the pin. Dain and Maverick argue. Parker tries to roll up Maverick. Dain breaks up the pin. Dain powerbomb Maverick on top of Mitchel for the win.

Winners- Dain and Maverick

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