Kurt Angle Discusses Current Projects, Wants To Do More Acting

Kurt Angle

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Hall of Famer and legendary wrestling superstar Kurt Angle recently sat down with PWInsider, where Angle talked about his current health, new projects that he has coming up, and much more. Check out some of the highlights below: 

On how he’s currently feeling:

I’m good, I’m good…you know, I got myself back in shape, been talking to Hollywood producers and stuff about doing some movies. I got a couple of movies coming up next year so just transitioning from wrestling to acting, and I also have my supplement company Physically Fit Nutrition that I’m sure we’ll talk about later on but other than that I’m spending time with the family, it’s pretty cool. I mean I haven’t been home this much in gosh, you know, 25 years, so it’s kind of nice being with your family every day.

On his schedule outside of wrestling:

Well, you know, I’ve always had structure in my life, so I continue to have that. I don’t try to sit back and rest and relax, I keep hustling, so from the minute I get up I’m doing something, whether it’s rehabilitation, training, making phone calls for my business, talking to managers, producers, so I spend the whole day doing what I have to do, I take my kids to their sporting events, it’s a little mixture of everything so I got a very well-balanced life.

On what made him finally sign a WWE contract: 

Well I wanted to sign, my agent wouldn’t let me [sign in 1996]. My agent was an NFL agent, his name is Ralph Cindrich and he repped a lot of the really big NFL athletes, so he was like, “You’re not doing this crap. FOX wants you to do a sportscasting job for FOX Pittsburgh, let’s get you that instead.” I wanted to sign a WWE deal because it was, you know, it was a really nice deal. For me, I never had money, you know, they’re giving me this multi-million dollar deal for 10 years and I thought it was a great opportunity but my agent said “No it’s crap – you’re real, they’re fake, don’t sign it,” and I sat on it, and after a couple of years I turned on RAW and I was glued to the TV. I loved the entertainment, the wrestling, the athleticism, you know, Stone Cold, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, all those guys were doing their thing and I really, really enjoyed watching The Rock and Steve Austin and I decided I’m going to go in there and try to portray those two and ironically, you know, when I signed I didn’t train that long and I was on TV and my first two world titles were against both of them so you know, I went up the ladder pretty quickly. So long story short, you know, I didn’t take the deal back in ’96, the problem is when I took the deal in ’98, the money wasn’t there anymore, they gave me a $50,000 guarantee.

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