Teal Piper Discusses Training With Ronda Rousey, Doesn’t Want To Use Her Dad’s Gimmick

In a recent interview with Hannibal TV, Teal Piper – daughter of the late ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper – spoke about a handful of things, including her recent photos of her and Ronda Rousey training together. 

According to Piper, she reached out to Rousey after she tore her ACL. “Well, Ronda actually, obviously we’ve been in touch for quite some time but I reached out to her when I tore my ACL so I had to get a donor ACL put in and a meniscus repair maybe six months [ago] now, and so I had reached out to her,” she said (transcriptions via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson). “Obviously I was feeling super bummed because I’m just now launching into the industry and it’s like, ‘Guess what!? You get to stay out for an injury now’ so, she had-had a similar injury and that’s actually part of why she’s so good at arm bars and things like that is she just spent a year of her life working on only that because she couldn’t use her knee, so she invited me out to train with her and then I started working with Deimos and I was like, ‘Why don’t you come train with all of us?’ And you know, she’s so aggressive in the ring, especially for women.”

Piper went on to say that while she’s used to seeing aggressiveness from most men in the ring, she was a bit surprised at just how hard Rousey went in the ring. “I’m used to seeing a lot of very aggressive men in the ring but women, some of them aren’t so physical and Ronda is not that person. She has very strong moves and is very aggressive and I find it very inspiring, especially as a woman to get in there and get your hands dirty.”

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