IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/6/20)

Fallah Bahh is in the locker room shower which Hernandez is basking in. Bahh finds his wad of cash wrapped in the t-shirt and walks off elated.

Jimmy Jacobs is with Dr. Foreman to talk about Rich Swann’s recovery. The doc says Swann is ready for Bound For Glory and is ready today. Rich comes over and says he’s feeling better than ever. In comes Eric Young dressed as an orderly and begins attacking Swann and screaming like a maniac. He obliterates Swann’s knee.

The Machine Guns are backstage with Gina but get interrupted by The Good Brothers. They say they’ve already been there and done that. Shelley sarcastically asks if they have any tips for them. It doesn’t matter because they’re the champs, not Gallows and Anderson. The Brothers say they’re going to be their guardian angels tonight to ensure they face the two at Bound For Glory.


Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan

Mad trash is talked between the two before Taya slams down Kiera Hogan down. Hard chop in the corner to Kiera. Running elbow by Taya in the opposite corner. She does her running butt bump and then a double corner meteroa. Pin attempt, but a kick out. Standing headlock leads to a tag and Rosemary trades splashes onto Kiera. An exploder suplex allows Kiera to tag in Steelz. Sidewalk slam onto Tasha Steelz.

Shots in the corner by Rosemary before delivering a Stinger splash. Exploder suplex again. Pin attempt, two count.

Rosemary gets Steelz in an upside-down so Kiera kicks her partner free. Steelz tags in Hogan and the isolation begins. She chokes Rosemary with a boot and then reverses a charge into a drop toe hold that bounces her head into the turnbuckle. Tag to Tasha. An assault in the two’s corner begins. Kiera gets a near fall on Rosemary soon after. The two soon do an assisted Osaka cutter and gets a very near fall on Rosemary. Steelz continues to wear down Rosemary, but Rosemary sits up Taker style and scares her to the outside. Hogan and Tasha take her down on the outside. A back suplex in the ring gives Rosemary her opportunity. Tag to Taya and she unloads on both adversaries. Several boots nd knees to Kiera. A blue thunder bomb is followed up with a near fall. Taya turns it into a modified surfboard submission but Tasha kicks her free. They try to double team Taya but her strength shows through. Kaentai suplex before tagging in Rosemary. Another suplex by Rosemary but Steelz hits a codebreaker. Spear by Rosemary with a double underhook sit-out for the win.

WINNERS: Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary

Backstage Havok and Nevaeh watch on.


The Deaners vs. Crazzy Steve & Johnny Swinger

The Deaners challenge Steve to a beer chugging contest and Steve obliges with his monkey in the corner. Swinger has enough and tags himself in. The Deaners take control of Swinger, but it’s not long before Swinger corners Cody in his corner. As he begins his corner punches, he prompts Steve to find an object in his fanny pack and he pulls out a bevy of stuff that Swinger doesn’t need. Deaner fights off Swinger, but Swinger headlocks him in the middle to wear him down. Swinger then rifles through his fanny pack but the ref tells him to get rid of it. Swinger does but grabs Steve’s monkey. Steve gets in and struggles to free his friend from Swinger’s clutches, but it provides enough of a window for Deaner to catch Swinger with a snap DDT for the win.

WINNERS: The Deaners