More Details On Vince McMahon Making Talent End Third-Party Relationships, WWE / Cameo Partnership In The Works?

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Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Vince McMahon continues to push WWE Superstars to end their relationships with third-party apps or face the consequences.

Last month, McMahon issued a statement to talent informing them they would need to sever ties with third-party companies like Cameo and Twitch that were “detrimental” to the WWE brand. According to McMahon, talent had an October 2 deadline to end these relationships or face possible fines and/or suspension.

Last week, Fightful was sent the following email from Vince McMahon to talent:

“Just a friendly reminder that this Friday, October 2 is the deadline for severing any unauthorized business relationships with 3rd parties. As was mentioned in my September 3 message, continued violations beyond this deadline will result in fines and may result in suspension or termination. If you need further details, please contact our EVP of Operations, Brad Blum. Thank you. Vince.”

According to the Fightful report, several WWE Performance Center trainees were asked to shut down their Cameo pages or make them unbookable. A WWE/Cameo partnership was also mentioned, with a follow-up email detailing how performers could “opt in” and agree that payments are now required to go through WWE.

One WWE Superstar told Fightful that they were financially stable and didn’t have too much time for Cameo themselves, but understands the concern of others. Another one said they want to participate in the projects that other Superstars have going on, but remain unsure as to how the new rules will affect them moving forward.

It’s worth noting that almost all talent that spoke to Fightful said they wouldn’t sign a new deal to reflect the new rules, and no one thought they’d be fired if they turned down that request.

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